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GIG: Between Books, Claymont, DE, Friday, April 19

The word “epic” is thrown about way too much, but we’ll say it: Greg has one epic beard.

A very sad thing is happening.

A wonderful independent bookstore in Delaware, Between Books, is closing its doors after 34 years.

We are heartbroken over this for many reasons. First and foremost, an independent business is forced to close because they cannot compete with the massive competition from huge chains and online stores. The owner, Greg Schauer, is a wonderful man who has poured his heart and soul into the store for so many years, and we hate to see him have to close his shop.

We're the ones with our fists in the air. Photo (c) 2010 Joe Del Tufo.
That’s us at Between Books in 2010. We’re the ones with our fists in the air. Photo (c) Joe Del Tufo.

We’re also sad for the many, many people who will never know the joy and beauty of walking into an actual bookstore, perusing aimlessly, getting lost in the titles, thinking about the wondrous things on the millions of pages before them.

But there’s another reason this breaks our hearts. Between Books would often host events in the evenings – concerts, poetry readings, lectures – and in December of 2010, they hosted a Hot Breakfast! concert. It was the first time we headlined as “Hot Breakfast!,” and we had an amazing time playing for the small but very enthusiastic crowd. We’ll always treasure that show, and we’ll always be grateful to Greg for giving us the opportunity to melt a few faces during our formative days.

Greg is going out with a bang, not a whimper. And he’s asked us to play a show on Friday, April 19 at 8:00. We cannot wait to set up in the midst of all the amazing books, comics, DVDs, and games in the store and get to rocking. The show starts at 8, but get there early, take a look around, and buy a book or three… it’s a piece of history.

If you cannot make it to see us on the 19th, please consider heading over to Between Books (the link goes to Google Maps) on Saturday, April 20th, for a closing night party, featuring Leslie Carey, Joe Trainor, and more. It’s a great way to say goodbye to a great place.

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WHAT: Hot Breakfast! at Between Books, 2703 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE.
WHEN: Friday, April 19th. We’ll play from 8 to 10.
WHERE: A big shopping center on the corner of Harvey Road and Philadelphia Pike. It’s in the shopping center with the Goodwill and Arby’s, across Harvey from the giant Wawa. Here’s a map.
COST: Donations requested.
PARKING: No worries there! It’s in a shopping center – plenty of free parking.

We really hope to see you there. In the meantime, please support your local businesses – they’re labors of love, and you never know when they’re gonna disappear.

Matt (The Suburban Legend)

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