GIG: Thursday July 18, 8:00-8:45pm: Ladybug Music Festival!

The Lofts at 2nd & Loma: 211 N Market St., Wilmington DE 19801

July 18, 2019 8:00 pm - 8:45 pm The Lofts at 2nd & Loma: 211 N Market St., Wilmington DE 19801

Wheeeee! We’re so excited to have been accepted to be a part of the Ladybug Music Festival, which is the nation’s largest music festival celebrating women in music and female-fronted bands.

It’s a two-day festival (Thursday 7/18 and Friday 7/19), and it is FREE! Downtown Wilmington gets transformed into a bazillion performance spaces. Small businesses open their doors to make space for a band. A stage gets set up on the street. Food trucks, vendors, music… you name it, it’s there!

We love this festival… it will make you fall in love with your city and everyone in it. It’s a diverse festival with music to suit practically any taste at all. We love seeing everyone from the city and ‘burbs hanging out downtown, celebrating music and local businesses, smiling, and just being a freakin’ great community.

We’ll be playing on Thursday, July 18th from 8:00-8:45pm at Fit Body Personal Training at 207 N. Market Street The Lofts at 2nd & Loma (211 N Market) in downtown Wilmington (LoMa). Just come on in and listen! (Please note the venue change!)

And since we’re in the middle of a heat wave, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re playing inside a nice, air-conditioned space. Beat the heat with some Hot Breakfast!

Gable Music Ventures busts their butt to put on this festival, and it is a really magical event. We hope you’ll come. Did we mention it’s FREE, and ALL AGES!



WHO: A gazillion female artists and/or female-fronted bands, including HOT BREAKFAST!

WHAT: A celebration of women in music… two days of female musicians and female-fronted bands (like us!) take over lower Market Street.

WHERE: If you head over to the festival’s official website you can get the full info… but we will specifically be playing at The Lofts at 2nd & Loma (211 N Market) in downtown Wilmington (LoMa).

WHEN: Our set is specifically on Thursday, July 18th from 8:00-8:45pm, sharp!

PARKING/DRIVING: Please go to the festival’s official website for that info.

FOOD/DRINKS: There will be tons of food/beverage vendors, as well as the local businesses along Market Street ready to serve you!


We love you! See you soon!

Your pal,


(And PS: we know Angela Sheik is playing at the same time as us. GO SEE HER! Really! She’s amazing! No hard feelings… we’d be seeing her too if we could!💗🤘)