Matt’s playing solo: Wilmo Wednesday, Feb 15 2017, World Cafe Live at the Queen

by Ji11

Wow. It just occurred to me that soon we won’t be able to call it “World Cafe Live at The Queen,” but it’ll just be “The Queen,” ever since World Cafe Live announced they’re pulling out of our Wilmington venue.

But for now, it’s still our beloved WCL@Q, and Matt wanted to squeeze in one more solo slot at a Wilmo Wednesday before these Wilmo Wednesdays have to find a few home. (Ernest and Scott Taproom is the rumor, just up the street on Market.)

What will Matt play? No idea. Sure, even though the show is rapidly approaching, he’s holding his cards close to his chest… and even I don’t know yet. But I’m sure it will be clever, thoughful, a little quirky, and wonderful… because that’s our Matt!

So, come on down to The Queen for Wilmo Wednesday this week!


What: Matt and a bunch of other people will perform at Wilmo Wednesday this week!

Where: World Cafe Live at the Queen; 500 Market St., Wilmington.

When: Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 7pm.

Admission: FREE!

Food: NONE. The kitchen is officially closed at The Queen, but the bar is still open. Eat before you come.

Parking: There’s free street parking after 6, and garage parking for five bucks on 5th between King and Market St.

See you then!

Your pal,


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