Gig: Billy Joel Tribute – August 13, 2011

by Ji11

This Saturday, Hot Breakfast! joins forces with the Joe Trainor Trio and some other swell folks to bring you a night of music by Billy Joel. It’s a fundraiser to benefit City Theater Company and the Grand School of Music, two local Wilmington arts organizations who help bring awesomesauce to our mighty city.

We aren’t allowed to divulge the set list (Joe has threatened our lives), but we can tell you that we’ll be singing a “full band version” of a song we’ve been known to cover… so that’s a hint at least. Matt will be playing guitar, alto and tenor saxes, and singing his fabulous lungs out for this show, and I’ll be singing, playing saxes and playing a bunch of percussion, too. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to play triangle, and I’m totally serious.

The show happens this Saturday night at 8pm at the Baby Grand, which is 818 Market Street in Wilmington. Tickets are $17, though I think they tack on a $3 service charge or something… so plan on $20 tickets. It’s general admission seating, so sit where you want. The show starts right at 8pm, there’s no opening band.

Make a night of it and get some dinner beforehand at the tasty restaurants around Market Street. If you haven’t hung out downtown in a while, consider giving it a shot; it’s cute, and there’s lots of tasty foodz in just about every price range.

Cool? Cool!

Hope to see you there!

Your pal,


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GIG: July 23rd Zach Lowe BBQ Benefit

by Ji11

We know that not all of you are on The Book1, so we wanted to make sure you had the information for tomorrow’s show at Bankshots on Route 40 which benefits Zach Lowe. We’re pretty sure we’re one of the few non-hard-rock bands there, which makes it extra-cool that we were invited to play. Just because we’re acoustic doesn’t mean we won’t ROCK YOUR FREAKIN’ FACES OFF. We’re glad that people are gettin’ that dang message.

WHERE: Bankshots Rt. 40 (2689 Pulaski Highway, Newark, DE)
WHO: A zillion bands!
WHAT: We’re raising money for cancer treatments for Zach Lowe (the son of Hallowed Cain drummer Brian Lowe)
WHO CAN ATTEND: It’s a 21+ show.
WHEN: July 23rd, 2011. The event starts at 3pm and goes until Bankshots’ closing time. Hot Breakfast! plays at 5pm.

This info was ganked directly from the Facebook Page for the Event:

Join us for a fun-filled day of great music, cool spirits, and lip-smackin’ BBQ all while raising money for a wonderful cause. At just 9 years old, Zack Lowe – the son of our very dear friend and Hallowed Cain drummer Brian Lowe – was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of malignant bone cancer. He’s currently undergoing extensive treatments at AI DuPont hospital to battle this awful disease. But cancer won’t bring him down. He’s keeping his spirits high and muscling through like the tough kid that he is. Please come out and help us raise money to help him and his family during this difficult time.

We need all the help we can get folks! The event starts at 3PM and runs into the night. $20 gets you free food and beer from 3-8PM. At 8PM, door cover charge drops to $10 and you get to drink beer for free until the kegs are tapped. If there’s any left, Killer BBQ food will be sold at affordable prices from 8PM to close. We’ll have local bands lined up to play throughout the entire event and tons of cool stuff to auction off. If you’re not busy that day, we could use help from our fellow Pit Masters cooking and prepping all the food and also volunteers to help serve it. We are also excepting donations for the Chinese Auction and Raffle. Anything from Phillies tickets, gift packages, gift certificates/cards, baskets of cheer, etc. is most welcome. Your help with anything will be very much appreciated and will certainly not go unnoticed.

CONFIRMED BANDS: Hallowed Cain, My Friends, Von Kull, FelixHunger, Altar of Dagon, The Paper Janes, World Lost, Hot Breakfast, Offset, Solecraft, The Essence of Blues – A Blues Brothers Tribute. (1 more band to be announced).

Thank you to everyone who has already reached out to us! It’s extremely heart-warming having such outgoing, positive people in our lives.

The band line-up goes like this:
Solecraft 3:50 – 4:30
The Paper Janes 4:30 – 5:10
Hot Breakfast! 5:00 – 5:40
FelixHunger 5:40 – 6:20
My Friends 7:00 – 7:40
Essence of Blues 7:40 – 8:20
Altar of Dagon 8:20 – 9:00
Hallowed Cain 9:20 – 10:00
Offset 10:20 – 11:00
World Lost 11:20 – 12:00
Von Kull 12:20 – Close

We hope to see you there for this super-worthy cause.

1 That’s Facebook, yo.

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Gig: July 20th – Hot Breakfast for lunch!

by Ji11

Let Hot Breakfast help you over the workweek Hump Day by playing for you at lunchtime (also known as the workday Hump Hour)!

Wilmington’s Grand Opera House is running their Summer Salon concert series once again, and they’ve asked us to get Market Street rockin’ on July 20th at lunchtime, from noon to 1:30pm.

July 20th also happens to be Matt’s birthday, so you can feel free to bring him a piece of birthday pie.. which he probably won’t eat, but with any luck he will give it to me instead. So make sure you bring me him either apple, cherry, or key lime. :-)

We’ll be playing right in front of The Grand, which is 818 Market Street in downtown Wilmington.

See you there? We hope so!

Your pal,


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We’ve been recording

by Ji11

We thought it was time to create an EP, so we set up The Knappshack greatroom with Matt’s fancy-pants recording equipment and we started laying down some songs.

Though there are many different ways you can record, we thought we would just record everything live as if we were playing a show. We just played through our tunes a few times and picked the best take, though sitting far apart from each other during the recording allowed us to go back and fix little things here and there if we needed to. Once we got the guitar and the lead vocal solid, we overdubbed some backing vocals or a few little guitar things here and there just to fill out the sound… and voila.

Matt is doing the mixing. I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do about the album artwork yet, but we suppose getting a title probably has to happen first. Right now it’s tentatively titled “What You Want.” We asked our Facebook pals for album name suggestions, and everyone came up with breakfast-related puns… many of which were delightfully groan-worthy. Of those, my favorite was “I’ll Have The Face Melt” which was submitted by Rob McDonald. We decided we wanted to stay away from the food/breakfast-related titles, cute as they may be… so yeah, for now, we’re going with “What You Want.” Matt came up with it, though he says he got it because I say it whenever I’m eating something that’s particularly hitting the spot. So maybe it comes down to food after all.

Anyway, while we were recording I set up my laptop with Flix32 and a webcam and had it take an every-15-seconds stop-motion video. After the session (it lasted about 3 hours, I guess?) I added some captions and then uploaded it to YouTube. So here it is. It intentionally has no sound.

So there’s a little insight into our recording process, as well as a glimpse into my living room. :)

We’ll be posting more of these, so stay tuned!

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Hot? Breakfast? Who’s who?

by Ji11

There has always been some debate/confusion over which band member is “Hot” and which is “Breakfast.” Jill is convinced she’s “Breakfast” and that Matt is “Hot,” but Matt begs to differ. Fans also have mixed opinions. We were thinking about putting it up to a vote by polling the most important people, our Cool Little Brothers, but a piece of evidence surfaced that supports Jill’s argument: She is Breakfast. And you kinda can’t argue with this.

What is this evidence? It’s a piece of music called “Breakfast,” by LeLe. The song and the video are not work safe, but hoooo-lordy are they catchy and awesome. So feel free to click ahead if you’re feelin’ unsheltered.

If you don’t catch yourself randomly singing this song, you’d best be gettin’ some rhythm, son.

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GIG: 2/3 at Kelly’s Logan House: 9:30pm

by Ji11

Hey, guess what:

We were just invited to play at Kelly’s Logan House on Thursday night at 9:30pm [NOTE: This is a new time. We were originally slated for 10pm; it’s now 9:30.]. “It’s about time,” you’re probably thinking. “Hot Breakfast! is a gorram1 Delaware institution! What’s taken Kelly’s so long to book the Acoustic Dork Rock Duo of Awesomeness?” Just between us birdies, I think the folks at Kelly’s were hesitant to book us because their fire suppression systems weren’t quite able to handle the level of face-melting ROCK we bring to the table. We understand… happens all the time really.

So yeah! Kelly’s Logan House has dedicated Thursday nights to local, original music, which is pretty spectacular if you ask us. While Hot Breakfast! is probably best known for reinterpreting others’ music, we have a pretty impressive catalog of Matt-tastic tunes from which to draw. So have a beverage and stretch your breakfasty boundaries folks, and take a listen to what your pals Matt and Jill have to share with you. Would we steer you wrong?

Oh, and before you can complain, here’s our Pre-emptive Anti-Complain-o-Tron:

[] But what about the roads? The roads will be fine by then, yo, so quit yer whining.
[] You go on at 9:30pm? That’s so late! Ninja, please. No, it’s not too late. You’d be up reading Fark (or Foobies) at that hour anyway, so it’s not like you’d be sleeping. Come hang with us!
[] But what if it’s not awesome? My dear, we are Hot Breakfast! We will not let you down.

See you Thursday!

Your pal,


1 Yes, that was a Firefly reference.

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by Ji11

I really like it when musicians say “Mercy” in their songs.  I don’t want them to sing it… I want them to say it, almost under their breath.  It is extra-cool if they do it during or after an awesome guitar solo.

That’s what I think.

I dare you to say “Mercy” in your best Elvis voice right now, even if you don’t have an awesome guitar solo handy.  I’ll wait.

Don’t you feel cool?

I mean, OK, you’ll never be as cool as us, but you could totally be like our cool little brothers or something.



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Our Awesome Streak Continues

by Ji11

photo by Nicole Ferrara

We asked our friends and family members a totally random sampling of audience members what they thought, and they unanimously agreed that Hot Breakfast was the opposite of suck at the JDRF Benefit on Saturday night.

If you ask us, we think we FREAKIN’ RULED.  I mean, does that photo up there look like anything other than RULING?  No.  No, it does not.

Oh yeah, the Joe Trainor Trio was pretty good too and stuff.


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