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Hot Breakfast! is Matt Casarino and Jill Knapp.



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  • Matt plays guitar, he writes the songs, and he also sings.
  • Jill sings, she plays percussion, and she gestures a lot.
  • They’ve released one EP (“Hot Breakfast”), one album (39 Summers), and three singles since 2012. They have several songs in rotation on local and internet-based radio stations
  • They’ve won four WSTW Hometown Heros Homey Awards, for Best Lead Singer (Jill), Best Songwriter (Matt), Best EP (“Hot Breakfast!”), and Best Collaboration (“This is Our Hit Song” with Todd Chappelle)
  • They’re in the process of finishing their second album, The Big Reveal. It’s due in Summer of 2015
  • Despite their limited amounts of hair (one by choice, one not so much), they are both disturbingly attractive.
  • They love music, they love science, they love words, and above all, they’re super-friendly.
  • And while they may not take themselves very seriously, they take their music and their craft very much so. They won’t let you down.


(or, you can jump down to Discography)

Don’t let the acoustic guitar fool you. With a penchant for hard-rockin’ originals and quirky, over-the-top theatrics, HOT BREAKFAST! is no folky background music act. Jill Knapp and Matt Casarino demand your attention with stunning vocals, dorky humor, furious guitar work, snappy percussion, and their disturbingly attractive bodies – it’s no wonder they are renowned as Delaware’s Premier Acoustic Dork-Rock Power Duo.

Jill and Matt started making music in 2002 and became Hot Breakfast! in 2010. They’ve melted faces at South by Southwest (SXSW14) in Austin, in bars in Boston, coffeehouses in California, house concerts in Phoenix, and outdoor festivals in Austin, Reno, Wilmington, and the Delaware beaches. Their singles “It Only Takes Two to Rock,” “We Are Not Cool,” “Defender,” “Underground,” “Hole In Your Pants,” and “An Idiot for Christmas” continue to get local and internet-radio airplay on shows as diverse as Little Steven’s Underground Garage (Sirius XM), The Dr. Demento Show, iradiophilly, Gashouse Radio, Graffiti Radio, Rockers Dive, and Women of Substance Radio.

Their 2012 self-titled EP won the WSTW Hometown Heroes Homey Award for Best EP. Jill Knapp also took home the Homey Award for Best Lead Singer.

Hot Breakfast’s 2013 album, 39 Summers, was produced by the duo and Ritchie Rubini. The album, which features 12 originals, was released May 18, 2013 at World Café Live at the Queen to a sold-out house. 39 Summers was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2014 WSTW Homey Awards, and the Delaware Arts Blog called it “clean, tight, and catchy, with a superfun mix of song types…the dozen songs weave together flawlessly, with a balance of styles and sounds, Knapp’s clear, versatile vocals taking center stage throughout.” The somewhat more blunt Take My Feels review calls the album “super f***ing hot…they are burning my ears…in a good way!”

In 2013, the duo shared the stage with Australia’s chart-topper Kate Miller-Heidke, Nashville’s John Francis, Jewmongous (Sean Altman of Rockapella), and many other fantastic artists. They even released an EDM single with their good friend Todd Chappelle, “This is Our Hit Song,” which earned them another Homey Award.

2014 saw Hot Breakfast! performing at SXSW in Austin, enjoying tons of airplay on terrestrial, satellite, and internet radio, releasing their first music video, becoming Graffiti Radio’s Artist of the Month, becoming Y-Not Radio’s Artist of the Month, earning the Runner-Up spot in The Best of Philly Rising at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, touring and performing with Angela Sheik, performing at three music festivals, logging thousands of tour miles, earning six Homey Award nominations (Album of the Year, Best Lead Singer, Best Live Act, Best Pop Song, Best Band, and Best Video) and taking home two (Best Songwriter – Matt Casarino, and Best Collaboration – “This Is Our Hit Song” with Todd Chappelle).

They kicked 2015 off in style: they performed on a new single by The Dead Milkmen! Jill sings (and wrote the vocal arrangement) and Matt plays guitar on The Milkmen song “Prisoner’s Cinema,” which was recorded in Philadelphia on January 17 & 18, 2015. The recording session was documented by the Weathervane Music Collective’s project Shaking Through, which means you can watch the recording and mixing sessions by clicking here (Day One – recording) and here (Day Two – mixing). You can also download the individual tracks and make your own mix of the song.

After a year of great gigs, including shows all across the states, several slots at SXSW, appearances with the Dead Milkmen at Slim’s in San Francisco, The Trocadero Theatre in Philly, and Crash Bang Boom in Philly (where they played an opening set), Hot Breakfast! released their second album The Big Reveal with a sold-out event at the Blue Ball Barn (Wilmington, DE) on November 14th, 2015. The show was one for the ages, featuring Glim Dropper (who opened and served as the rhythm section for Hot Breakfast!), Rodney Anonymous, Todd Chappelle, Joe Trainor, Noelle Picara, Rachel Schain, Penny Carmack, Kevin Niemi, and Joe Testa.

The Big Reveal, produced by Ritchie Rubini and engineered by Ray Gagliardino, is incredibly diverse in both style and subject, ranging from funny, driving rock and power-pop (“Someone’s Got to Drive Larry Home,” “Kids Today,” “Nobody Matters But You”) to retro-style love songs (“Ten More Years,” “Going Your Way”) to psychedelic dream-pop (“Dream Sequence”) to blistering punk (“New York Drama,” featuring Jake and the Stiffs). The Big Reveal is loaded with that signature Hot Breakfast! dorky humor, of course – subjects include situationally unaware shoppers, being the unwilling (but inevitable) designated driver, and these gosh-darned kids today. But this album finds Hot Breakfast! digging deeper, exploring themes of wildly unconventional expression (“Living in Black and White”), guilt by association (“Inside Information”), and the heartbreaking joy of finding love later in life (“Ten More Years”), among other subjects. The result is an album as fun as it is ambitious, filled with infectious energy and humor but also hope, outrage, wisdom, and love.

We know, all that sure sounds braggy, but bragging’s not their style. Their style? Rock. Dork Rock.


Go HERE, and substitute “Hot Breakfast!” for “Ishmael.”  ;-)



All of our music can be previewed, streamed, and/or purchased using the link at the top of the page.

November 14, 2015: THE BIG REVEAL – full-length album

Released at The Blue Ball Barn (Wilmington, DE) to a sold-out house.
Track Listing:

  1. Too Many Choices
  2. Someone’s Got To Drive Larry Home
  3. Living in Black and White
  4. Going Your Way
  5. Get Back in the Bed
  6. Hot Breakfast! (featuring Jake and the Stiffs) – New York Drama
  7. Nobody Matters But You
  8. Ten More Years
  9. Inside Information
  10. Kids Today
  11. Dream Sequence
  12. BONUS TRACK: Kids Today (Slight Return)

©2015 Suburban Legends Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. All songs written by Matt Casarino
Except “Going Your Way” & “Dream Sequence” which were written by Matt Casarino & Jill Knapp, and Track 12 “Kids Today (Slight Return)” which was written by Matt, Jill, and Rodney Anonymous, who we love and appreciate.
(TRACK 12 is only available on the physical CD.)

Produced by Ritchie Rubini | Engineered by Ray Gagliardino
Mixed by Ritchie Rubini & Ray Gagliardino at Studio 825, Wilmington DE.
Mastered by Tom Volipcelli at The Mastering House (www.masteringhouse.com)


November 29, 2014: “I’ll Be Home On Christmas Eve” – single

Featured on the compilation MIDNIGHT CLEAR: The 2014 Hometown Heroes Holiday Album

Written by Matt Casarino. © 2014 Suburban Legends Music (ASCAP).
Produced by Hot Breakfast! Mastered by Eamon Loftos
Jill Knapp: vocals, shaker, tambourine
Matt Casarino: acoustic & electric guitars, piano, drums, bass, programming
Joe Trainor: piano solo


November 23, 2014: “Too Many Choices,” “Going Your Way,” “Inside Information” – singles

From our 2015 album The Big Reveal

Written by Matt Casarino. © 2014 Suburban Legends Music (ASCAP).
Vocal arrangement on “Going Your Way” by Jill Knapp
“Too Many Choices” & “Going Your Way” engineered by Ray Gagliardino at Studio 825. “Inside Information” recorded by Paul Janocha at Ken-Del Studios (Stanton, DE) and engineered by Ray Gagliardino at Studio 825.
Jill Knapp: vocals, percussion, melodica (“Too Many Choices”)
Matt Casarino: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals, synth (“Too Many Choices”), piano (“Going Your Way”)
Ritchie Rubini: drums & percussion, synth (“Too Many Choices”)
Ray Gagliardino: bass (“Too Many Choices,” “Going Your Way”)
Cooke Harvey: stand-up bass (“Inside Information”)
Produced by Ritchie Rubini. Mastered by Eamon Loftus.


November 16, 2013: “This is Our Hit Song (feat. Todd Chappelle)” – single

WINNER: Best Collaboration, 2014 WSTW Hometown Heroes Homey Awards

Written by Matt Casarino. © Suburban Legends Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
Jill Knapp: vocals
Matt Casarino: all programming, vocals
Todd Chappelle: vocals
Produced by Hot Breakfast! & recorded at Knappshack Studios. Mastered by Eamon Loftus.


May 18, 2013: 39 SUMMERS – full-length album

Released at World Cafe Live at the Queen to a sold-out house.
WINNER: Best Songwriter (Matt Casarino), WSTW Homey Awards
NOMINATED: Album of the Year, WSTW Homey Awards
Track Listing:

  1. 39 Summers
  2. Underground
  3. Defender (2013 full-band version)
  4. Act Surprised
  5. Gravity
  6. We Are Not Cool
  7. It Only Takes Two to Rock (Remastered for this album)
  8. Hole In Your Pants (Recorded at Studio 825)
  9. Maybe You Saw It Too
  10. Run
  11. The Garden of Bad Metaphors
  12. Things

All songs written by Matt Casarino. © 2013 Suburban Legends Music (ASCAP)
Except: “It Only Takes Two to Rock” written by Matt Casarino & Jill Knapp; ©2012 Suburban Legends Music and Jill Knapp. All Rights Reserved.

Tracks 1 – 4, 6, 8 recorded at Studio 825 (Wilmington, DE). Engineered by Ray Gagliardino.
Tracks 7, 9 – 12 recorded at Knappshack Studios. Engineered by Hot Breakfast!
Track 5 recorded at Studio 825 and Knappshack Studios.
Features Jill Knapp (vocals, percussion, keyboards), Matt Casarino (guitars, vocals, keyboards, saxophones), Ritchie Rubini (drums & percussion), Ray Gagliardino (bass), Joe Testa (guitar), Jeff Dement (drums), Kevin Niemi (bass), Dave Duncan (guitar), Chuck Kuzminski (guitar)
Mastered by Eamon Loftus. Tracks 2 & 6: produced by Ritchie Rubini; all other tracks produced by Hot Breakfast!


November 30, 2012: “An Idiot for Christmas” – single

Featured on the compilation Comfort, Joy, Love, and Snow: A Holiday Album to Benefit Toys for Tots

Written by Matt Casarino. © 2012 Suburban Legends Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
All vocals & instruments by Jill Knapp & Matt Casarino.
Produced by Hot Breakfast! & recorded at Knappshack Studios.


July 7, 2012: HOT BREAKFAST! – EP

WINNER: Best EP of 2012, WSTW Hometown Heroes Homey Awards
WINNER: Best Lead Singer (Jill Knapp), Homey Awards
Track Listing:

  1. It Only Takes Two to Rock
  2. Defender (2012 acoustic duo recording)
  3. Kiss Off (Violent Femmes cover)
  4. Hole In Your Pants (2012 Knappshack Studios recording)
  5. You Were a Spider
  6. Major Tom (Coming Home) (Peter Schilling cover)
  7. An Idiot for Christmas (later pressings)

All songs © 2012 Matt Casarino except:
“It Only Takes Two to Rock” by Matt Casarino & Jill Knapp. ©2012 Suburban Legends Music (ASCAP)& Jill Knapp. All Rights Reserved.
“Kiss Off” by G. Gano. © 1982 Gorno Music. Used with permission.
“Major Tom (Coming Home)” by Peter Schilling, © 1983 Southern Music Publishing. Used with permission.
All vocals & instruments by Jill Knapp & Matt Casarino
Produced by Hot Breakfast! & recorded at Knappshack Studios.



Future releases include:

  • Hot Breakfast!: The Grammy Years
  • U2 Covers the Songs of Hot Breakfast!
  • Joonyah! A Musical Tribute to Smokey and the Bandit(s)
  • 22 Summers
  • “Dusting Club”
  • Hot Breakfast! Covers the Songs of U2 Covering the Songs of Hot Breakfast!
  • 7 Summers
  • “This is Our Contractually Obligated Song”
  • Okay, Even We are Getting Tired of Christmas Songs: A Hot Breakfast! Christmas Album
  • 1 Summer (If We’re Lucky)
  • Beating a Dead Horse – a Hot Breakfast! Retrospective

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